First Taste Of Spring!


Man I’ve been busy!  Between taking photos, editing photos, building a website for the company my husband works for and helping plan my upcoming baby shower, I’ve constantly been playing catch up!

A little over a week ago we had a VERY nice day and the first taste of spring! My husband and I decided to drive around to a couple of places and take pictures of Trent, who was all about it that day because we got to take his skateboard too (he got it for Christmas and has been dying for the weather to get warmer so he can ride it outside!)

Here are a few pics from our outing that day…




Chillin' Over The Creek

Trent In A Tunnel

Trent In A Tunnel Pt. 2

Father & Son

It's The Small Things

This last picture is my favorite and it makes me want to be young again and filled with wonder and amazement. What’s interesting here is the entirely different lives that were all being lived at this one moment. I was behind the camera trying to get a good shot. Harley was trying to hold Trent’s hand to make sure he could walk on the track without falling. And Trent… Trent was somewhere entirely different. Somewhere magical.

He may be a little too young to remember this specific time later in life, but it’s definitely times like this that stick with kids. One of the best parts about being a photographer is looking at what the scene really meant after capturing it and taking it home. This is definitely one of those times.

Maybe, hopefully, I captured a magical moment.

4 Responses to “First Taste Of Spring!”

  1. Sunnie Hall says:

    Wonderful pictures. You have a true gift for photography. Trent is so photogenic so he makes a perfect subject. I have a photo for you when I get back from the Mission Trip.
    Love to you all ~ Sunnie

  2. celtic says:

    Thank you! I really enjoy taking photos! Sometimes Trent works with me and sometimes he doesn’t. To be expected I suppose :p

    You can’t make me wait until you get back! You’re killing me, lol!

    Be safe on your trip!

  3. Job well done!! Love the texture use!

  4. Shannon Hall says:

    Thank you! I love playing with textures!