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1-year olds will give you a great workout! (And little Maddox definitely did that!) He reminded me so much of my kiddos at that age. He was just SO full of energy and the I MUST EXPLORE THE WORLD AROUND ME drive. Posed shots? Not a chance! If he even got the hint that he was being put down, his feet were scrambling before they were halfway there! He was so lively and easy to shoot that I loved it! And he had the most amazing blue eyes that just shined away if he was even remotely looking my way!



He absolutely LOVED this stick and drug it for a WHILE!

Maddox’s momma made these- they’re so adorable!

My very favorite of all the shots! Look at those eyes!

The original plan was to get 1 posed shot of him and the moose for Christmas photos. However, Maddox had other plans!



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