Baby Harmonee


What can I say about little miss Harmonee?


I’ve known her parents, Katie and Brenden, for a while. (Brenden’s mom, whose name is also Shannon, moved next door only a few months after Harley and I moved into our house.) It didn’t work out for me to shoot Katie while she was pregnant but I told her for the last few months of her pregnancy that I wanted to shoot Little Miss Harmonee when she made her way into the world. So sure enough, I got to shoot her- yay! She was an angel to shoot, too! We had the studio hot hot hot and she slept slept slept!


Of course, you know me and my blogging… terribleness, so I’m just now posting this but I shot her back in March!





Note: this was my first client shoot on my new Bone background paper and I have to say… I plan on NEVER being without this color!! I LOVE it!!


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