Sweetheart Giveaway


So here it is! The Sweetheart Giveaway!

To open the new site with a bang and celebrate Valentine’s Day with some sweet gifts, I worked as fast as I could to pull together a faboo little giveaway for you guys! I started off wanting to give away a mini-session and a few photos on cd, and then more ideas just kept coming to me and I wound up having a lot of details to pull off in a few days! (I had fun though!) I have this friend Michelle, see, and she owns Iron Bear Jewelry. She makes über cute pieces and I’ve talked to her a few times about wanting to help get her name out there. When I thought about doing the giveaway, I thought “Hey! See if she wants in on it!” and sure enough, she did! After getting the “Yeah!”, I thought… how can I showcase some jewelry to give away?? A mini-shoot with someone wearing it, that’s how! But who?? I needed a cute couple and fast! Luckily the hubby is smart on a whim and said “Look through all your facebook friends”. Lol. So I totally did! And guess who I decided to email in hopes that she was free with no real notice??  The lovely Missy David (aka Honey Bee Mama, who is a well-known blogger for TulsaKids.com, a doula, and a maker of baby carriers!) Fortunately for me, Missy and her hubby Marc were free for a mini-shoot this weekend! Yay!

So I had my cute adult couple to shoot to help showcase the jewelry and go with the whole “Sweetheart” theme for Valentine’s Day. Next, since I do actually shoot more children than anything, I decided I had to also do a mini-session of some sweetheart kiddos… but who?? Teeheehee. My son and his future-wifey Gabby, from his pre-k class! (They’ve been sweet on each other since last year.) I asked Trent very politely if he would do a shoot with Gabby for me… and let her kiss him on the cheek, lol. He blushed and agreed. Fortunately for me, again, Miss Gab and her mama were free this weekend too, so I got to squeeze in a ton of planning and two mini-shoots in a couple of days!

I know, I know… get to the good part, right? Ok so here are the details!


The Prizes:

 A 30 minute mini-session with me, for either 1-2 kiddos (does not have to be Valentine-oriented)

Shannon Hall Photography

or 1-2 adults (If you choose this one, be prepared for some lovey-dovey shots! I had fun with this shoot!)

Shannon Hall Photography

 6 fully edited, high-resolution photos on cd with reproduction rights (additional photos can be purchased at $8 each)

 One 8×10 print of your choice

 And a SUPER cute jewelry set from Iron Bear Jewelry!

Iron Bear Jewelry

(This is Iron Bear’s all-original “Sweetheart Line”, made with Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystals.)


The Details:

 The contest is based off of comments in this blog. You have 4 chances to comment by following the rules below. Each comment will increase your odds of winning, so if you do all 4 things, you get to comment 4 times! (Random comments will be deleted. You must post only comments pertaining to the options below.)

 The giveaway is open to comments from Monday, February 6, 2012 to Saturday, February 11th, 2012 at 6:00pm CST, at which time, a random number generator will be used and the comment with that number is the winner (a screenshot of the generated number will be provided.)

 The winner must claim their prizes by the end of the following evening– Sunday, February 12th, 2012. (I will attempt to contact the winner. However, if the prizes aren’t claimed by the end of the day, another number will be drawn.)

 The shoot will be on Saturday, February 18th, 2012. The location and time will be determined by the photographer closer to the 18th. This is for an outdoor shoot so if the weather is terrible on the 18th, we will reschedule for a day that works.

 The prizes cannot be exchanged for money or any other items.

How to enter:

 For comment number 1: You must go to my Facebook page and the Iron Bear facebook page and “like” both of them with your own personal account (not your business page- though you can do that too!) Leave us some love while you’re on our pages and take a minute to look around at the Jewelry that Iron Bear has– she has some cute stuff!! (She also posts a lot of photos on Twitter, so be sure to check her wall for lots of links to photos!) When you have liked both Facebook pages, come back to this blog entry and leave one comment saying you have liked them both. (Yes, we will verify that the winner has liked both pages!) *Note: This is the only required step.

 For comment number 2: Share a link to this giveaway info on your own Facebook profile, being sure to use the link @Shannon Hall Photography in your post (Example: “Check out the Sweetheart Giveaway over at @Shannon Hall Photography!” Come back here and post one comment with a link to your status (you’ll have to make it public while the giveaway is going on!)

 For comment number 3: Tweet about the contest! (Be sure to tag @SHallPhoto in your tweet!) Come back here and leave one comment, letting me know your Twitter account name (a link to your direct post would be helpful!)

 For comment number 4: Mention the giveaway (link it with this address: http://shannonhallphotography.com/blog/2012/02/06/sweetheartgiveaway/) on your favorite photography forums! Then come back here and leave one comment, giving me links to check out where you linked the giveaway!

That’s it! The first one listed is the only one required to qualify, but you can do all four things in order to help your chances of winning!


Good luck to all of you! :-)

Shannon Hall


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥




…and the winner is!


Ashley Estep!


Lucky Winner of the Sweetheart Giveaway!


Congrats Ashley! You have until tomorrow evening to claim your winnings and we will start working on the details of the mini-session!


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Thank you SO much to everyone who participated! This was a fun little giveaway and I’m sure I will do another one sometime! In the meantime, please keep those fans coming! We’ve enjoyed hearing from all of you guys!


Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! :-)



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  1. Kelly Baxter says:

    Your contest says to “like” both pages in which I did BUT actually I LOVE both of your pages because you do some fantastic work!!

  2. Kelly Baxter says:

    http://www.facebook.com/messages/?action=read&tid=id.251149504940793#!/ — hope this successfully posts as the link to my status :)

  3. Casey bacon says:

    I have liked both!

  4. Rhiannon says:

    I already “liked” your FB page, but now I “like” Iron Bear as well!

  5. Adam Raymond says:

    Comment Number 1 status: Completed

  6. Adam Raymond says:

    comment Number 2 status: Completed.

  7. Adam Raymond says:

    Comment Number 3 status: Completed. My twitter is @wtld

  8. Evie Trevino says:

    What a fun giveaway! I liked both pages. :)

  9. Evie Trevino says:

    I shared a link to the giveaway on FB!

  10. Johanna Winner says:

    Liked both sites and left comments!!! Awesome giveaway!!!

  11. Ashley Estep says:

    I liked both facebook pages.

  12. Diane Stephens says:

    Liked both pages!