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Warren G

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Meet baby Warren! (Last name starts with a G and I thought it was cute). He was a sweet little boy and I loved getting some creative shots with him! He was also a trooper. The studio was COOOOLD that day and we warmed his little area up as much as we could. He slept pretty well for us.




I love reflections in photos. :-)


I also LOVE detail shots!


Ok seriously, this is one of my favorite photos ever. His daddy plays guitar and specifically wanted a shot with the case. The reflection was a last minute idea and I’m SOOO glad we went with it! I can only imagine how awesome this would be printed huge.


Look at that tongue. CUTE!


At the very end, when everything was being packed up, he decided to open his eyes and let us see them sparkle!

Baby Cailyn

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Little Miss Cailyn is the baby of some of our best buds, Keith and Larissa (we did Larissa’s maternity shoot only a few weeks before Cailyn arrived!) I think I pretty much told Larissa as soon as we found out she was pregnant that we HAD to do a shoot when she arrived, lol. I was so glad when she came for the shoot! She was super sweet and slept the whole time. She also looks SOO much like her siblings, Conner and Willow!! (Especially her big sis, Willow- they look SO much alike!)





One of my favorite newborn shots ever :-)

Look at her dainty little fingers! I just love them!

Baby Jackson

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

I have to admit… I LOVE it when I get to photograph babies with lots of hair!! And baby Jackson sure had just that! He was the most adorable little  fella and he definitely knew who was in charge– HE was! x-D He was so comfortable with his pretty momma that every time we took him away to pose him, he let us know that he wasn’t happy! We had several eating and Mommy-snuggles sessions (and later found out that his desire to eat eat eat was due to a growth spurt) but I have to say… I’m still giddy when I look at his photos! His are some of my very favorite to date and he’s so beautiful! (We did this shoot last December! See how behind I am?!) We were lucky enough to get a few quick snoozing shots but mostly he was awake (yet very relaxed) and that worked out just fine! So ogle away at his adorableness!





LOVE LOVE LOVE his hair!!

I am a HUGE fan of little piggies and fingers, and what I like even more about this photo is that the Pepsi crate actually says Tulsa :-)