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Lovin’ This Lens!

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Lately I’ve been drooling over the 135mm f/2.0 L lens and today I was able to get my hands on one to play with. I will try to get some more shots with it tomorrow but so far I was able to take a few of the kiddos in the front yard and I’m already totally convinced I gotta have it! This lens is super sweet!

The kids LOVE this swing!

I can’t believe how big my Maddie Pants is getting!!!

I have no idea what he was pointing at but apparently it was serious! No smile for him!

That’s better :-)

Sew Sew Sewing!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Remember I said I liked to sew? Well ever since I got my serger a few weeks ago I’ve been totally addicted! It also helped that I hit the jackpot one night when I went to Joann’s and they happened to be closing that store! All their fabric was 75% and I got a HUGE amount (and a few supplies) for an amazing price! I came home and bought a pattern online and went to town! I don’t have a ton to post right now but I have a few more things (off the top of my head) I plan on making and I will photograph them when I do. For now, here’s a dress that I made for some friends’ little girl (Lily got to model it and I didn’t feel like narrowing them down so I posted a few! The last one is my FAVORITE!) I listed on Etsy, so if you like the dress and want one I’ll make one for you!





“Snowpocalypse” 2011

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Ohhhhhkay. It has taken me absolutely forever to get to the point of posting these photos!


As most of you know, the majority of the US has been blasted with snow and my little area of Tulsa got around 15 inches! That’s just out in the open, too. There are HUGE areas of drift that gathered so much more. We have a spot in the backyard that has around 4 feet and even our SUV in front was almost completely covered, between the drift and what gathered on the roof! Needless to say schools were closed I think pretty much statewide and even my husband stayed home from work (which N.E.V.E.R. happens!) We had a pretty great day, really. We slept in, Harley made us a nice breakfast, and the kids got along freakishly well! Even our doggy Shelby, who is mostly an outdoor dog, was enjoying her time inside. Throughout the day I kept my camera near me and got lots of photos :-)


The only thing that stinks is that, even as I write this, I keep hear popping noises from the roof in my studio/sunroom slowly collapsing in. I started hearing the noises yesterday and Harley went and got as much of it off the roof as he could. However, about 3 this morning, as I was still editing away, I heard two more noises. The second of which was so loud I would have sworn that someone pelted the windows out there with a mammoth snowball. I woke Harley up and we quickly moved everything inside, so now my studio stuff is crammed all in one half of my living room and who knows how long it will be before I can put it back out there. We’ll have to call the insurance company and pray that our deductible for something like that isn’t incredibly high, and even then we will have to wait for something to be worked out. No way am I putting all of my investments back out there!


Anywho. So here are some photos from yesterday and in nifty new templates I got. Yay!



Look at how much snow is on the car!! And isn’t Shelby adorable with all the snow on her face?!

Sometimes Lily likes to wear her brother’s shirts :-) They just watched and watched the huge flakes coming down and the powder being blown all over like a snow globe.

I LOVE his eyes!

Sometimes we keep her gated in the hallway when we don’t want her by our feet (she’s just like a tiny puppy that always has to be by your feet anywhere you go!) or when we are eating. She sleeps most of the time when she’s back there. I’m glad I finally got a few more shots of her. She’s such a pretty doggy :-)

And FINALLY! An update to my 3-Ring Tuesdays! I swear I do have the other two and they are still on the editing block. They’re irritating me, lol. I will post them eventually though. I will!

Lastly, a photo of the current damage in my studio/sunroom. It’s not a pretty sight. The hook USUALLY has a decent amount of space above it and is not pretty much holding the roof up! It’s scary to walk out there, even for just a minute to take photos in case we need them for insurance purposes.

I hope all of you stay safe and warm!! Night!