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My First Senior Shoot!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

…and I had a BLAST! Seniors are amazingly different from children photography! Well, duh, right? But really! It’s a whole different game when you can pose and situate exactly how you want, and have your subject sit still so you can get the shot perfect (which opens up a HUGE window for artistic expression!) I have a feeling I could really get used to this! Now I just need to find some really awesome locations and some seniors who will let me run wild with my imagination, hehe!


Anyway! So this senior shoot was really cool for me because not only was it my first, but it was also for someone very special to me– my son’s pre-k teacher (who was also my niece’s pre-k teacher 4 years prior, and who I’m hoping will be my little ladies’ pre-k teacher as well *crosses fingers*!) She’s such an amazing woman and someone who makes me proud to have my child at the school he’s at. Teacher’s don’t get compensated nearly enough for the amount that they do (and just how important everything they do IS!) so to do something special for her just felt awesome. Here is her not-so-baby-anymore baby, Wes :-)




  I just love the textures and colors of this wall. And I love how the roughness looks with the nice, dressy style.

 These stairs lie at the base of the studio I share with the Tulsa Photo Group (I love so much about that studio!)

Totally un-posed. I just made him sit still :-p

I asked for a funny face for his momma (who was right outside the door and couldn’t see, hehe!)

It was kinda nifty to shoot another Eagle :-p (Former EHS student, myself!)

 I tried and tried, but I just couldn’t decide which one of these photos I like more, so you get both! (I LOVE the smile but I absolutely LOVE the serious look!)

 The lighting was amazing!

 Definitely my biggest “prop” to have in a shoot, lol. Vehicles aren’t easy to shoot!

Angela ♥ Philip