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My Maddie Pants Turns 1!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone. From being huge and uncomfortable, to welcoming home a new bundle of joy… feeding woes and sleepless nights… wondering what her giggle would sound like, what her teeth would look like, how awesome it would feel when she hugged me back, and her very first steps. All the way to photographing her for her 1-year invitations. It all went by so fast that it still makes me so sad! Unfortunately we can’t stop them from growing up though (trust me- I tried! I even used to ask Trent to push his “stop-growing button” as I pointed to his belly button, but alas, he finally realized it wasn’t working and said he was so sorry!) so we may as well just capture all the moments we can so that next year when they’re graduating and moving out, and the year after that when we’re old and gray, we can look back on our photos and videos and smile (and cry!)

I love my kids SO stinking much that it literally hurts sometimes. And I’m very proud of them (even though they defy my wishes for them to stop growing, lol.)

Here’s the cake-smash session I’d been looking forward to for quite a while. I made almost everything in the photos (even the baby, haha!) I’m still excited that I pulled it off!


I”m actually really surprised she wore the hat!

Chocolate-lined, gigantic cupcake! MMM!

Ok, I’m really not one to toot my own horn, but I still can’t believe I actually made these slippers for her!

She was ever-so-dainty. Honestly, I had to GET her to really dig in!

She was giggling at her big brother, Trent, who was standing behind me cheering her on :-)


These turned out as perfectly as I’d hoped they would. (Thanks to Miller’s for their awesome Luxe cards and amazing prints!)

Baby Maxx

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Ok guys! I’m finally getting a few minutes to dedicate towards blogging so here’s the first of several I will be posting!

Meet little Maxx. He happens to be THE sleepiest little newborn ever! I had so much fun shooting this little fella and it helped that his mommy is my cousin, so I had them here for quite a while, lol. Normally I try not to post a TON of photos from one shoot but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I couldn’t narrow them down anymore than I already did!


I love his ears. My Lily’s ears were just like this when she was born :-)

There’s something cute about newborn lips, noses, ears, etc. Pretty much everything about babies are ADORABLE! (I think it’s because of their miniature size, lol.)

I love my new little bed!

I had to play with my new frames and textures :-D

This next one is one of my favorites :-)

I LOOOOOVE this next one!!

Finally, after about HOURS of shooting (and at the very end of our shoot) he finally decided to wake up and relax while I snapped a shot of his cute little blue eyes!

And now for my two favorite shots of the night (I saved them ’til the end!)…


I had exactly this shot in mind when I bought the pumpkin (which looked like it would be way too small for him when I was picking one out but it wound up fitting him well!) and I PRAYED he would let me do it! When it came time, I was a little nervous, thinking he may not let me but he didn’t even flinch a bit! Yay!!

This last one is the one I’m the most excited about. I have been dying to get one of these shots and I’m so happy I finally did!!!


One final note: I totally have to thank my wonderful hubby for helping me on all of these. Not only would I not be able to get most of these great shots without him, but I appreciate how much he sweats (literally!) when he helps with my newborn shoots. It’s such HOT work but so rewarding!

EDIT: Thanks to my cousin Nic, too! Haha. I kinda forgot to thank him originally (I posted this about a month and a half after the shoot and forgot how much helped too! Sorry!)