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Sew Sew Sewing!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Remember I said I liked to sew? Well ever since I got my serger a few weeks ago I’ve been totally addicted! It also helped that I hit the jackpot one night when I went to Joann’s and they happened to be closing that store! All their fabric was 75% and I got a HUGE amount (and a few supplies) for an amazing price! I came home and bought a pattern online and went to town! I don’t have a ton to post right now but I have a few more things (off the top of my head) I plan on making and I will photograph them when I do. For now, here’s a dress that I made for some friends’ little girl (Lily got to model it and I didn’t feel like narrowing them down so I posted a few! The last one is my FAVORITE!) I listed on Etsy, so if you like the dress and want one I’ll make one for you!