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My Alter Ego

Friday, January 28th, 2011

So… obviously I LOVE photography, but there’s a side of me that most don’t know. It’s the I MUST do something creative or I will go out of my mind! side. :-p For the most part, while I have this huge passion for anything creative, I also have a huge mental BLOCK. The two together and very ugly and quite frustrating! Lol. Sometimes I see things that inspire me and I think, “I can do that!” so I give it a whirl. Sometimes they works, sometimes they don’t. A few things I have found that I like and CAN do are: sew, make headbands for my little ladies, and somewhat crochet :-) Lately I’ve had a lot of fun with the first two and I’ve listed a few headbands on my Etsy page if you guys wanna check ‘emout! I don’t have anything I’ve sewn on there yet but I hope to change that very soon, as I just got a serger and can now make things I’d actually be proud to sell, lol.


This will probably be the most boring “photo blog” ever since it will lack actual photos, but I will cut to the chase and give you my Etsy account link (which you can now find above in my navigation bar above also!)


No shoo! Go check out the few things I have on there and maybe grab yourself or your little girl something!