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My Maddie Pants Turns 1!

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone. From being huge and uncomfortable, to welcoming home a new bundle of joy… feeding woes and sleepless nights… wondering what her giggle would sound like, what her teeth would look like, how awesome it would feel when she hugged me back, and her very first steps. All the way to photographing her for her 1-year invitations. It all went by so fast that it still makes me so sad! Unfortunately we can’t stop them from growing up though (trust me- I tried! I even used to ask Trent to push his “stop-growing button” as I pointed to his belly button, but alas, he finally realized it wasn’t working and said he was so sorry!) so we may as well just capture all the moments we can so that next year when they’re graduating and moving out, and the year after that when we’re old and gray, we can look back on our photos and videos and smile (and cry!)

I love my kids SO stinking much that it literally hurts sometimes. And I’m very proud of them (even though they defy my wishes for them to stop growing, lol.)

Here’s the cake-smash session I’d been looking forward to for quite a while. I made almost everything in the photos (even the baby, haha!) I’m still excited that I pulled it off!


I”m actually really surprised she wore the hat!

Chocolate-lined, gigantic cupcake! MMM!

Ok, I’m really not one to toot my own horn, but I still can’t believe I actually made these slippers for her!

She was ever-so-dainty. Honestly, I had to GET her to really dig in!

She was giggling at her big brother, Trent, who was standing behind me cheering her on :-)


These turned out as perfectly as I’d hoped they would. (Thanks to Miller’s for their awesome Luxe cards and amazing prints!)

Free Goodies!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Ok guys, it’s time for promotional goodies! For a while now I’ve really been itching to try out the totally adorable Accordion Minis from Miller’s Professional Printing (LOVE THEM!!) and I thought, “What better way than to give out a few for free?!” Yep… FREE!  I’m also offering a special deal for high school seniors because I’ve been itching to shoot some lately! For you guys, you’re welcome to the Accordion Mini promo items too, or you can score yourself 20 free wallets to give out! All you have to do to get your free minis or wallets is book your session sometime between today and March 31st, opting for The Whole Shebang package, and that’s it!  (You can click the image below to see a larger version.)



* Your session must be booked sometime between March 1st and March 31, 2011 and you must purchase The Whole Shebang package. (For package details, please visit the Investment page on the main website.)

* Offer not valid for previously booked clients.

* As “promotional items”, the very back cover of the Accordion Minis will have my photography info on them, and the wallets will have stickers with my photography info on them.

{Accordion Minis}

* You will receive 2 identical Accordion Minis, measuring 3×3 each (a $30 value!)

* The damask design cannot be changed. The newborn design can have any color of background you want. Shown above are Caribbean, Tulip and Sage. You may also choose any Accordion Mini template on the Miller’s Design Center website or on Etsy (these templates, however, are up to you to purchase if you want a different layout than shown above. You may choose from the 3×3 or the 2.5×3.5 sizes.)

* The text can be changed you anything you like, provided it will fit without having to be teeny tiny!

* Your layout may need to change slightly depending on how many photos in each orientation we get.

* If purchased at the same time, additional minis will be $10 each (sale price!)

* Any previous clients, while the minis won’t be free, are more than welcome to purchase 2 for $20. Just email me and and we can work out the details :-)


* There are 4 photos per sheet and you will receive 5 sheets, totaling 20 (a $25 value!)

* You can choose up to 5 photos for your wallets. If you choose less than the 5, please let me know which ones you want and how many sheets of each pose.

* If purchased at the same time, additional sheets will be $4 each (sale price!)

Sew Sew Sewing!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Remember I said I liked to sew? Well ever since I got my serger a few weeks ago I’ve been totally addicted! It also helped that I hit the jackpot one night when I went to Joann’s and they happened to be closing that store! All their fabric was 75% and I got a HUGE amount (and a few supplies) for an amazing price! I came home and bought a pattern online and went to town! I don’t have a ton to post right now but I have a few more things (off the top of my head) I plan on making and I will photograph them when I do. For now, here’s a dress that I made for some friends’ little girl (Lily got to model it and I didn’t feel like narrowing them down so I posted a few! The last one is my FAVORITE!) I listed on Etsy, so if you like the dress and want one I’ll make one for you!