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B. Family

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Ok guys! I said I was going to blog like crazy and I have!! This makes 11 posts in ONE day!! I’m so excited to have all of these entries up now!


Anyhow, this shoot was from last week. Remember the super adorable baby Harmonee from this post? Well little Miss Harmonee is now 7 months old! I took her family out for some shots and she was just a DOLL! She kept flashing smiles and just sat there so pretty for us! She’s looking more and more like her pretty momma every day :-)





Love this one :-)

Cassie & Gabby

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

These two little girls are by all means the perfect example of totally flippin adorable!! I seriously cannot believe how cute they are and I am so glad I got to shoot them! We went downtown for this shoot and I just love mixing dressed up little girls with an urban environment!






Can you believe how beautiful these little girls are?!

SWOOOOOON!!! I seriously can never get over this photo!

What’s more fun than little girls in little squares? x-D


Gavin & Kiera

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

A friend from high school wanted some portraits of her son Gavin and her roomate’s goddaughter Kiera, so we took the two kiddos downtown and has a nice little session! Those two are so funny together and giggled so much. It was adorable. They were both very photogenic and I love the photos we got!




This is how they were most of the time :-D

How handsome is he?!!