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Baby Maxx

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Ok guys! I’m finally getting a few minutes to dedicate towards blogging so here’s the first of several I will be posting!

Meet little Maxx. He happens to be THE sleepiest little newborn ever! I had so much fun shooting this little fella and it helped that his mommy is my cousin, so I had them here for quite a while, lol. Normally I try not to post a TON of photos from one shoot but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I couldn’t narrow them down anymore than I already did!


I love his ears. My Lily’s ears were just like this when she was born :-)

There’s something cute about newborn lips, noses, ears, etc. Pretty much everything about babies are ADORABLE! (I think it’s because of their miniature size, lol.)

I love my new little bed!

I had to play with my new frames and textures :-D

This next one is one of my favorites :-)

I LOOOOOVE this next one!!

Finally, after about HOURS of shooting (and at the very end of our shoot) he finally decided to wake up and relax while I snapped a shot of his cute little blue eyes!

And now for my two favorite shots of the night (I saved them ’til the end!)…


I had exactly this shot in mind when I bought the pumpkin (which looked like it would be way too small for him when I was picking one out but it wound up fitting him well!) and I PRAYED he would let me do it! When it came time, I was a little nervous, thinking he may not let me but he didn’t even flinch a bit! Yay!!

This last one is the one I’m the most excited about. I have been dying to get one of these shots and I’m so happy I finally did!!!


One final note: I totally have to thank my wonderful hubby for helping me on all of these. Not only would I not be able to get most of these great shots without him, but I appreciate how much he sweats (literally!) when he helps with my newborn shoots. It’s such HOT work but so rewarding!

EDIT: Thanks to my cousin Nic, too! Haha. I kinda forgot to thank him originally (I posted this about a month and a half after the shoot and forgot how much helped too! Sorry!)