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Gavin & Kiera

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

A friend from high school wanted some portraits of her son Gavin and her roomate’s goddaughter Kiera, so we took the two kiddos downtown and has a nice little session! Those two are so funny together and giggled so much. It was adorable. They were both very photogenic and I love the photos we got!




This is how they were most of the time :-D

How handsome is he?!!


Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

I just love the name Maddox- always have, and somehow I got lucky enough to shoot two adorable Maddox’s (would that be Maddox’s or Maddoxes? Lol.) this year.


So this little boy I TOTALLY fell in love with the moment I saw him! I just love little boys and mohawks (we frequently shave Trent’s head and spike his hair up!) and he even had tiny Chucks on! He was a charmer, too! He was full of little grins and faces and you just KNEW he was rascal when not around a stranger! Hehe. Most of  all I loved how you could tell how much he loves his momma. Every time he looked at her he’d just smile away :-)





Baby Lowery

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

Hello Blog! It’s been a LONG while! I’ve said it a thousand times and I will say it again, I’m the world’s worst blogger! I really should get better about it though. I have a huge arsenal of shoots to show off- I just need to somehow find a few extra hours hidden in the couch cushions or something! (Ok maybe the dryer- I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of secret portal in there where random things just never come back out!)


Meet Miss Lowery. She was an A.N.G.E.L. !! Seriously, newborn shoots don’t go any better than they did with this little beauty. She was so sleepy and so agreeable with us and we just at it up! Not only was she a sweet, sleepy little thing, but I got to shoot at the Tulsa Photo Group studio, which is now my studio home! I’m so excited about it too because the natural light there is to die for! Not only are the gigantic, North facing windows totally amazing for shooting, but a great buddy of mine is my studio mate (totally his studio first with the group- he rocks!) Plus, the place has LOTS of awesome features (textures, flooring, walls, and history– this place was the old May Rooms here in Tulsa!) I can’t wait to do some more shoots there!

So yeah, check out these photos of the adorable Lowery, in my first 100% natural light newborn shoot in a studio!

You’ll notice the paint on the floor. The studio used to belong to the artist Michelle Firment Reid, who is an amazing painter. She is now downstairs, where the Tulsa Photo Group was prior to this studio (they did a little switcharoo :-p)

I love her little piggies poking out!