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Baby Cailyn

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Little Miss Cailyn is the baby of some of our best buds, Keith and Larissa (we did Larissa’s maternity shoot only a few weeks before Cailyn arrived!) I think I pretty much told Larissa as soon as we found out she was pregnant that we HAD to do a shoot when she arrived, lol. I was so glad when she came for the shoot! She was super sweet and slept the whole time. She also looks SOO much like her siblings, Conner and Willow!! (Especially her big sis, Willow- they look SO much alike!)





One of my favorite newborn shots ever :-)

Look at her dainty little fingers! I just love them!

C. Family

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Hi guys! Remember me? I know, I know… I’m H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. at this photo-blogging bit but here I am again! Yay!

I’m anxious to add this entry because the clients this time were some awesome friends of ours. This was my very first maternity shoot that was all mine and I was nervous and excited about it at the same time! I’m glad it went well! Lol. As far as the editing, these tones are new for me, too. When I did the shoot I knew exactly how I wanted the photos to look (inspired by the lovely Sarah Wolfe!) I have loved these tones for a long time but never really put them to use- I’m glad I did!  I really like them!

I laughed quite a bit during this shoot! :-)

This is my very favorite photo from the shoot (although the first one is right up there, too!) I saw this downed tree a few weeks before this shoot and immediately this shot came to mind!

Willow Turns One!

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Wow. I have been SO behind of editing/blogging this last month-ish, with an overwhelming amount of stuff to do before Maddie is born (only 5 days from now!)

A couple months ago some good friend of ours asked if I’d be interested in shooting their daughter for her one-year photos. Heck yeah! She’s flippin’ adorable and I couldn’t wait! So a few weeks after Miss Willow turned one, we got together and took some photos of her (and a few of her bigger brother Connor as well.) I’m SUPER happy about how the images turned out and I’ve been itching to post this particular blog for a while now!

So here it is! Miss Willow’s one-year session!

And after a long shoot… the little girl had her fill!