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B. Family

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Ok guys! I said I was going to blog like crazy and I have!! This makes 11 posts in ONE day!! I’m so excited to have all of these entries up now!


Anyhow, this shoot was from last week. Remember the super adorable baby Harmonee from this post? Well little Miss Harmonee is now 7 months old! I took her family out for some shots and she was just a DOLL! She kept flashing smiles and just sat there so pretty for us! She’s looking more and more like her pretty momma every day :-)





Love this one :-)

T. Family

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

One nifty thing about photographing newborns is when you get to photograph them when they’re older as well. Baby Jackson came back to see me at his 3-month mark and I got to photograph he and his family. 3 generations, actually! His daddy’s parents were in town from Hawaii (and we shot this in March so they were VERY chilly!) They were great troopers though :-D




How adorable is Kaden?!

Nothin’ better than Mommy smooches :-)

Doesn’t he have amazing eyes?!

3 generations :-D

S. Family

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Last fall I had got to shoot another fellow photog, Jason Stair of Sparkbox Photography. He and his family are awesome (and so is his photography!) We went out for a little session, mostly of the kiddos. This shoot was really fun for me because I got to photograph the kiddos doing what they do best– pretending! :-)




I LOVE how he does NOT look impressed with his little sis smooching him ;-D

This is what being a little girl is all about!!

Loves his magic!

The sun coming up over the rocks was amazing that morning!