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If Nothing Ever Changed, There’d Be No Butterflies!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Do you ever look around your house and just stand there, wondering how you can rearrange to make things fresh and new again? More lively and exciting? And the more days that go by that you don’t rearrange, the more you come to dislike the current setup? Well… my old layout and especially the logo had been getting on my nerves for quite a while and I felt they no longer represented ME, so I started working on a makeover. I wanted something that was not only fresh and new but something that would reflect my business better than before and be able help it grow. I originally started out just changing the look and information provided, but wound up doing a complete overhaul and it took me a bit longer than I’d expected. Technically I had plans to go live at the beginning of January, but holy moly! Between the makeover, Christmas and my son’s birthday, my time was swallowed up more than I’d ever imagined! Whew! Anywho… I finally got it all finished up and I’m super excited about it! Especially the new logo… I’m totally loving it! Why the tree, you may ask? I thought and thought about something that said ME but honestly, I didn’t want a cliché logo that had anything to do with photography. The tree fits that. I’ve loved what I refer to as skeletal trees for as long as I can remember (I even used to stare out the window while riding passenger- just looking at all the trees and waiting to see a cool one!) and I love what trees represent. I wanted one that was a bit whimsical and fun, yet still professional enough. And the one thing it had to have was a big curve in the trunk. My birthday is on Halloween and I’ve always LOVED the way skeletal trees are portrayed during Halloween-time, with the big curvy bends in them. So I combined all of my thoughts into something cute that wasn’t SO cutesy that it lost the element of being professional. And I LOVE it! (I also want to give a shout out to my husband Harley and our friend Greg Tuter, aka Lil’ Toot, who helped me take the idea and turn it into a graphic!)


In addition to the new website look and logo, I also have a password-protected shopping cart now and can easily have clients order prints and products with the photos from their session! I’ve really been wanting to move towards prints for a while, especially knowing that some of my work was being printed at lower-end labs (totally understandable, but their colors are always off and they are usually really dark!) and I had some not-so-great representations of my work out there. But now, I can offer really beautiful prints to my clients and know that not only will they be happier with their prints, but my work will be shown as beautifully as possible! In addition to prints, clients will also be able to order numerous products as well, such as gallery wraps, print wraps, personalized tear-off notepads, magnets, keychains, dry-erase boards, etc. (I plan to add a lot of options!)


Another thing I’ve added is an information section and example section for the totally fabulous frames by The Organic Bloom! I can’t even begin to describe how much I love their frames and the wonderful people at the company! I’m a huge fan of supporting local businesses and it makes me totally giddy that such an amazing product is made right here in my own backyard! Not only that, but I get to sell them! So far I have sold an awesome variety of colors and sizes, from tiny ornament-sized ones to HUGE ones, and they all make me smile from ear to ear when I pick them up and see how beautiful they are! (And then again when the clients pick them up and they’re gushing over them too!)


Overall, there are a LOT of changes I’ve made and I’m really excited about them! From the obvious things like the face of the website, to the not-so-obvious like the adorable little boutique boxes I have for the prints clients will get. I’ve changed pretty much every aspect of my business (except for the field– still portraiture!) and I feel like this is such a positive step. :-)


When I was originally thinking about making the new site live, I wondered what I could do to make it more of an official deal and exciting for my fans, rather than just say “Here ya go!” So what did I come up with?? A giveaway! I am working on a ♥ sweet ♥  little deal for one lucky winner and I will be working super hard over the next few days to bring it all to you! You’ll just have to stay tuned for that, but don’t worry, you’ll be glad you did!


In the meantime, leave me some love down there in the comments section and on my Facebook page! Tell me what you think about the makeover!

Baby Maxx

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Ok guys! I’m finally getting a few minutes to dedicate towards blogging so here’s the first of several I will be posting!

Meet little Maxx. He happens to be THE sleepiest little newborn ever! I had so much fun shooting this little fella and it helped that his mommy is my cousin, so I had them here for quite a while, lol. Normally I try not to post a TON of photos from one shoot but I couldn’t help myself with this one. I couldn’t narrow them down anymore than I already did!


I love his ears. My Lily’s ears were just like this when she was born :-)

There’s something cute about newborn lips, noses, ears, etc. Pretty much everything about babies are ADORABLE! (I think it’s because of their miniature size, lol.)

I love my new little bed!

I had to play with my new frames and textures :-D

This next one is one of my favorites :-)

I LOOOOOVE this next one!!

Finally, after about HOURS of shooting (and at the very end of our shoot) he finally decided to wake up and relax while I snapped a shot of his cute little blue eyes!

And now for my two favorite shots of the night (I saved them ’til the end!)…


I had exactly this shot in mind when I bought the pumpkin (which looked like it would be way too small for him when I was picking one out but it wound up fitting him well!) and I PRAYED he would let me do it! When it came time, I was a little nervous, thinking he may not let me but he didn’t even flinch a bit! Yay!!

This last one is the one I’m the most excited about. I have been dying to get one of these shots and I’m so happy I finally did!!!


One final note: I totally have to thank my wonderful hubby for helping me on all of these. Not only would I not be able to get most of these great shots without him, but I appreciate how much he sweats (literally!) when he helps with my newborn shoots. It’s such HOT work but so rewarding!

EDIT: Thanks to my cousin Nic, too! Haha. I kinda forgot to thank him originally (I posted this about a month and a half after the shoot and forgot how much helped too! Sorry!)